Additional education

Our educational holding offers a wide selection of areas of supplementary education. Leaders International School has various sports lessons, music studios, and creative groups. With us, every child will find something to his liking! All courses are taught by experienced highly qualified teachers. During the lessons modern methods and programs are used. Individual approach guarantees the comprehensive development of children.

Dance school for children

Your child can’t sit still when music is playing? Welcome to our dance school! Various directions are available for children: hip-hop, body ballet, sports ballroom dancing. Dancing is not only fun, it is very useful. Young dancers will reveal their talents and develop their abilities, maintain excellent physical shape, learn to achieve goals, and also receive invaluable experience performing on stage.

Sports ballroom dancing


Body ballet

Sport lessons

Sport activities are performed under the guidance of experienced trainers. They improve the overall physical condition of the child, strengthen moral and volitional qualities, motivate to achieve. Need to choose a sports direction? We have a variety of activities to offer: rhythmic gymnastics, team games, tennis and tae kwon do classes. And if you are worried about the child’s posture-welcome to physical therapy and massage.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Tae kwon do



Healthy posture


Musical activities for children

Music lessons develop intellect, speech, artistic taste, aesthetic perception of the world, improve fine motor skills, form correct posture, train breathing, etc. Do you want to educate a comprehensively developed personality? Include music in your child’s continuing educational program. At Leaders International School, children learn to sing under the guidance of the country’s best teachers, as well as master violin, classical guitar, flute, and piano.

Classical guitar course

Violin course

Piano course

Flute training

Sergey Penkin’s vocal school

Creative Activities and Intelligence development

Our creative and intellectual activities develop attention, imagination, cognitive abilities, motor skills, help us to learn about the world and make important discoveries. They teach self-expression and form self-esteem. Does your child enjoy drawing, reading and writing poems or speaking in public? Or maybe he is interested in strategy and science? Leaders International School will help to develop the abilities and discover the talents of each child. Various classes are available for young creators and intellectuals. Choose an activity for every taste!


Course of mental arithmetic and speed reading

Fine arts and creativity for children and adults

Course "Theater and Film Actor”

Course “Illusion"

Course “Hand Made”

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