Kindergarten on Leningradskoye Highway

The bilingual kindergarten located in Aquatoria residential complex opens in 2021. The preschool is a part of the educational complex Leaders International School. Our kindergarten and school on Leningradskoye Highway are two links of a single education system that provides contiuous educational process for children from 1.5 to 18 years old. The general support service guaratees comfortable adaptation during the transition from the kindergarten to primary, and then seconary school.

Our preschool will be open from 7:30 to 19:30. In the bilingual kindergarten, half of the classes will be conducted in English with native speakers, and half in Russian.

Cozy and comfortable rooms of the kindergarten will have advanced equipment, furniture and all the necessary materials for the implementation of educational tasks. The adjacent enclosed area will house its own sports and playgrounds.

Our advantages

Both Russian and British curricula

Individual approach to early learning

Rich program of events

Safe sports and gaming complexes

Benevolent psychological climate

Medical support

Healthy balanced nutrition

Admission to schools in Russia and other countries

Bilingual education in mixed-age groups



1,5-3 years old

The golden age for learning a language. Kids play sports, learn music, dancing and painting, develop their language, their motor skills, logic and thinking in two languages.

Nursery / Reception

Nursery / Reception

3-5 years old

Kids learn mathematics, the world around us, the basics of phonetics and acting. They receive aesthetical education in dancing, music and art classes. They also learn to be independent during project activities.



5-7 years old

Graduates of this group are ready to enter the prestigious schools of any English-speaking country in the world, as well as Russia. Children easily adapt to the educational conditions and study well.

How classes will be conducted

In the kindergarten, the educational process will be built on the basis of the British Early Years Foundation Stage of British National Curriculum. At the same time full implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard for Preschool Education is planned. This will provide preparation for successful learning in Russian educational system.

There will be small groups in the kindergarten – up to 15 pupils. Two teachers will work with children at the same time (one speaks Russian and English, and the second one is a native speaker of English). This allows us to immerse the pupils in the language environment as much as possible.


Phone: +7 (926) 215-61-70


Address: Moscow, Leningradskoye Highway 69, Residential Complex “Aquatoria”

Kindergarten will open in 2021.

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