Kindergarten in Odintsovo

Our bilingual kindergarten is a part of the Leaders International School chain of international educational institutions. Bilingual practice has undeniable advantages, including significant expansion of vocabulary, development of fluent speech, communication skills, ability to simultaneously work in different directions, etc.

A bilingual group includes not more than 15 children. In the first half of the day there are two teachers (a native speaker of English and a teacher with knowledge of the English language). In the afternoon, all students are offered an academic (enhanced) state educational program with a gymnasium component in the main areas of development.

The uniqueness of Leaders International School is the combination of the educational program of the Russian Federation and the Early Years Foundation Stage of the British National Curriculum. Knowledge of the language together with the international certificate allow further study in schools in Russia, Great Britain and other English-speaking countries.

Our advantages

Both Russian and British curricula

Individual approach to early learning

Rich program of events

Safe sports and gaming complexes

Benevolent psychological climate

Medical support

Healthy balanced nutrition

Admission to schools in Russia and other countries

Bilingual education in mixed-age groups



1,5-3 years old

The golden age for learning a language. Kids play sports, learn music, dancing and painting, develop their language, their motor skills, logic and thinking in two languages.

Nursery / Reception

Nursery / Reception

3-5 years old

Kids learn mathematics, the world around us, the basics of phonetics and acting. They receive aesthetical education in dancing, music and art classes. They also learn to be independent during project activities.



5-7 years old

Graduates of this group are ready to enter the prestigious schools of any English-speaking country in the world, as well as Russia. Children easily adapt to the  educational conditions and study well.

Kindergarten equipment

Our kindergarten is a place where you want to be: there are bright, spacious rooms with large windows and high ceilings, well-equipped areas for different types of activities, pleasant color solutions.

Our priorities are: health, socialization and children’s safety. In the kindergarten daily sports and physical education classes are held. We cook in our own kitchen using only high-quality products, and if necessary we develop a special menu for children with special nutritional needs (allergy, etc).

Oxygen cocktails and a salt therapy room help strengthen the immune system of our pupils. There is always a doctor and a nurse is in kindergarten throughout the day.

Our lessons

Sport, artistry, mathematics, creativity… Children with all talents will be able to discover and develop them by attending our daily classes: arithmetic, karate, choreography, lego-studio, drama club, etc.

Apart from the main teacher, there is a speech therapist, an educational psychologist, teachers of music, PeE and choreography working with children. For each child, an individual route of development is built according to his/her abilities.

In addition to the main lessons, other activities such as football, chess, sand therapy, fairytale therapy, engineering, experimentation, and other are provided.

The kindergarten is open from 7:30 to 19:30, it is possible to organize an extended day group. Our branch fully complies with the requirements of the supervisory services for kindergartens.


Phone: +7 (926) 215-61-70


Address: Moscow region, Odintsovo, Chistyakova Street, Skolkovsky UP block

The kindergarten is open from 7:30 to 19:30,

Extended day groups – until 21:00.

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