School on Verkhyaya Street

Leaders International School (LIS) is located next to Belorusskaya metro station. It is a part of a large educational holding which has been operating in the field of educational services since 2005.

The new school building in the residential complex “Subbota” is designed to accommodate up to 200 students. We are a half board school, working from 9:00 to 19:00. Here general curriculum for primary, secondary and high school education is implemented.

Leaders International School is a bilingual system of teaching children from grades 1 to 11. Leaders International School is a quality education, modern well-equipped classes, a high level of language training, health-saving technologies, competent personnel, daily medical, psychological and pedagogical support. When choosing LIS, parents are confident that the children are comfortable and interested!

The advantages of our schools

High level of language training

Homework is done at school

Our students win various academic competitions

Small classes (up to 16 students)

Annual trips to England and other European countries

Rich event program

Tutoring support

Our graduates enter prestigious universities in Moscow and abroad

Educational process

To organize children’s support, in each class there is always a psychologist (tutor) with an appropriate education.

English lessons, which are taught by both English teachers and native speakers, provide a high level of language training.

The school year is divided into trimesters. During the year holidays are provided, so that children can relax with their parents without compromising the educational process.


Starting from the 1 grade, two foreign languages (English, French) are taught. The third foreign language (German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese) is available on request of the parents and the recommendations of the teaching staff.

Homework is done under the guidance of tutors, with the involvement of subject teachers available for group and individual consultations.

During the school year, cultural events, educational excursions, trips to the UK and other European countries with thematic educational programs are organized for students.

Leaders International School is a comfortable gadget-free space. Mobile devices are not used by children during the day; parent-child communication, if necessary, is done through a tutor. This immutable rule protects the student from gadget dependence, as well as fills his life with direct live communication!

School facilities

Our modern school is provided with everything necessary for conducting quality classes. It is aimed at successful development, training and maintaining the health of children. LIS has a sports ground with multifunctional complexes and all-weather training devices. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching aids; there is a library, an equipped stadium, a gym, different age game zones, a medical room, etc. Children are offered balanced nutrition four times a day. All meals are prepared in our own kitchen without the use of ready-to-cook products.

Admission Terms

During admission to the 1st grade, children undergo a diagnostic interview with a psychologist and a speech therapist to study the individual characteristics. After the interview recommendations on his readiness for learning and build an individual psychological and pedagogical support system are provided.

Admission to other classes is based on the results of an interview with a psychologist and diagnostics in the main subjects: mathematics, Russian, foreign language.


Phone: +7 (926) 871-52-31


Address: Moscow, Verkhnyaya Street, 20, Bldg. 3, Residential Complex “Subbota”

The kindergarten is open from 7:30 to 19:30.

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