Language learning

Nowadays, the world is striving for globalization. The borders between countries are blurring, so any modern member of society needs to speak at least one foreign language. Therefore, special attention is paid to foreign language learning  ​at Leaders International School.

Our goal is to give a child fluent knowledge of two foreign languages:

  1. English as the basic language of international communication.
  2. French (starting from 1st grade).

The third foreign language (German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese) is available on request of the parents and the recommendations of the teaching staff.

We want our graduates to be able to use languages ​​both at the level of everyday speech, as well as be able to pass international exams at school and enter prestigious universities in Moscow or foreign educational institutions.

Thus, the bilingual educational system of our kindergartens continues at the stage of primary education.

Bilingual classes

In primary school children master the basics of subject knowledge in mathematics, literature, Russian language, the world around us, and ICT in Russian. Classes are held in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Primary Education, which provides preparation for successful training in the Russian educational system, including the final certification.


Such subjects as secrets of art, music, sports and drama, are taught in English. Sciense, Story, Music, Art, Wellness, Theater arts and Technology allow to maintain and develop bilingual speaking skills acquired in the kindergarten. A high level of language training is provided in English classes, where teachers are both Russian and English native speakers.

This is also facilitated by everyday communication in English with a tutor and tutoring classes, such as series of etiquette lessons in English. English lessons are a part of the curriculum starting from the 1st grade.

Features of foreign language learning

Language learning follows communicative-activity approach. Along with the textbooks of Russian authors, materials from foreign textbooks (Oxford University Press, Longman, Macmillan) are used. A wide range of didactic materials allow us to solve the problems of forming sociolinguistic and sociocultural competence of students.

The communicative orientation of learning provides a high-level mastery not only of the structure of the language, but most importantly, of speech skills. Tasks allow students to use the language for solving non-linguistic problems through:

  • role-playing games,
  • cognitive research and design forms,
  • presentations
  • practice (conducting tours, telephone and skype negotiations, interviews, writing letters, essays, etc.),
  • round tables, debates, etc.


A conversation workshop is conducted by a native speaker. The sociocultural component is also implemented through internships, educational tourism and travel. In our school educational trip is one of the types of project activities. Students independently develop programs for foreign travel, plan practical and educational results.

Also, starting from the 1st grade, it is possible to choose another foreign language: German, French, Spanish or Chinese.

The level of foreign language competence is confirmed by the results of international exams. In primary school it is compulsory for students to take Cambridge YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers). Starting form the 5th grade students can choose other international exams.

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