Our curriculum

The goal of Leaders International School is to organize children’s training in such a way that graduates could become successful in adulthood. To achieve this goal in elementary school we work according to the modern educational system “School of the 21st Century”. This curriculum is implemented on the basis of the activity approach in accordance with the Federal Educational Standards of the second generation. It also includes bilingual education; all teachers adhere to the system-activity approach.

"Elementary School of the XXI Century"

“Elementary School of the 21st Century” is aimed at complete individual development and successful education of children from 1 to 4 grades. Our highly qualified teachers pay special attention to various games, as well as new approaches to the development of evaluation and modeling activities. The modern system of pedagogical diagnostics allows to determine the success of mastering knowledge, taking into account individual pace and dynamics of each child’s development.

Main objectives

  • Ensure smooth adaptation of first graders to new conditions of school life
  • Formation of the main components of educational activity
  • Increased attention to the creative activities of students
  • Creating an emotionally positive atmosphere of learning
  • Development of educational initiative and independence

Research activities allow children make discoveries, being equal participants of the learning process. The student answers the questions: “Why am I studying this?”, “What educational task do I have?”, “Am I solving it correctly?”, “What are my strong areas and what is not working out?”, etc. All conditions for primary school students’ motivation are created in the school. Children are interested in finding out the answers, because not only are they “spectators” and “listeners”, but also “researchers”.

“Elementary School of the XXI Century” successfully solves all problems of primary education. It forms the most important skill for primary school students – their ability to learn.

Bilingual classes

In primary school children master the basics of subject knowledge in mathematics, literature, Russian language, the world around us, and ICT in Russian. Classes are held in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Primary Education, which provides preparation for successful training in the Russian educational system, including the final certification.


Such subjects as secrets of art, music, sports and drama, are taught in English. Sciense, Story, Music, Art, Wellness, Theater arts and Technology allow to maintain and develop bilingual speaking skills acquired in the kindergarten. A high level of language training is provided in English classes, where teachers are both Russian and English native speakers.

Social skills

To develop social skills and social communicative competence at the initial stage, a special author’s course “Social skills” was introduced as a part of the tutors’ work.

The main goal of the classes is to develop children’s self-control skills, adequate self-esteem, respect for others and responsibility for their own actions. Also, students develop the ability to cope with hard feelings and resolve conflicts through communication without resorting to violence. Educators focus on real-life situations. In class examples from feature films and world classics of children’s animation are used.


Children learn to analyze situations, build an adequate behavioral model and action algorithms to correct their own behavior. In class a structural approach to skills training is used. It emphasises on providing constructive and structured models of behavior for students who have problems using social skills.

Training consists of four main components: demonstration, role-playing, discussion of skills and use of skills in real life situations.

Education in primary and secondary school

The curriculum for primary and secondary general education at Leaders International School is developed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard. It is based on a system-activity approach, which is formed taking into account the age, psychological and physiological characteristics of 11-18 year-old children.

Our mission is to develop the students’ potential in accordance with their abilities and needs. The school has created all the conditions for successful formation of all qualities necessary for successful  personal fulfilment in modern society.

Educational process

Leaders International School is a half-board school which works from 9:00 to 19:00. The main classes are held in the morning, from 9:00 with 10-minute breaks between lessons, 20-minute breakfast and 30-minute lunch breaks.

In the afternoon self-training is organized under the supervision of a tutor. Support for this process is provided by subject teachers. They conduct group and individual consultations with the following goals:

  • assistance to students, who experience objective difficulties in performing self-training;
  • mastering educational material at advanced level;
  • preparation for subject competitions;
  • development of children’s talents.


Tasks for self-preparation are differentiated taking into account individual characteristics and needs of students. The tutor controls the fact of completing tasks. Both in class and in self-training students are taught skills of quality lesson preparation self-control.

In the afternoon the following activities are organised: walks, activities of educational and leisure clubs, sport sections, project groups, interest classes, classroom and school-wide events for children and parents. School life its busy and exciting!

The school year is divided into trimesters. During the year holidays are provided, so that children can relax with their parents without compromising the educational process.

Children enjoy studying at LIS! We believe that such an important result is primarily achieved thanks to the high professionalism of our teachers and our curriculum.

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